2022-2023 Team Descriptions

*Updated 6/28/2022

*Parents are responsible for all travel related costs/coaches rooms at all qualifiers and out of town tournaments.
*Players are also responsible for registering online(and payment) for their individual membership prior to the start of open gyms/tryouts. Registration begins on Sept. 1, 2022 at the HOA website: www.hoavb.org

*Once you accept a position on the team, you will be required to make a deposit.  The deposit will be applied to your club fees in accordance with HOA rules.  A deposit will also indicate that you have chosen to join a team within KC Sports. If you quit the club team or do not follow through on your commitment to join the team, you will lose your deposit. The deposit is non refundable. 


Level of Play: Premier

Practices: 2-4x per week *Some traveling required
Tournaments: 8 total(Combination of one or two Multi-day events(events that are 2-3 days)MLK, President’s Day, Gold/Silver Heart, Route 66, Keeper of the plains, Regionals or National Qualifier)  + 6-7 local/same day traveling)
Included: Jerseys (2 sets), spandex, backpack, Molten volleyball, Hoodie or Jacket, and club t-shirt
Club Fee: $2300