About Us

KC Sports Volleyball was formed with the purpose of encouraging young people to participate in USA Volleyball. The staff is comprised of coaches with diverse backgrounds and athletic experiences.

KC Sports is guided by three principles:

KC Sports:

Positions for KC Sports:

17-1 team: positions available
15-1 team: positions available
14-1 team: positions available
14-2 team: positions available
13-1 team: positions available

Club Contact: Art Stone
Phone: 913-238-9559
Area: KC area
Email: [email protected]

*Evaluation or lesson, contact Art Stone: Phone: 913-238-9559    
Email: [email protected]                     website: www.kc-sports.com


*If you are not a USAV member:  Click here to register

Open Gyms:
Please fill out online form at least 24 Hrs before attending the open gym:  online registration form 

**To limit the number of people in facilities, HOA is requesting that Parents drop off and pick up your children – please keep social distance of at least 6ft.
* If anyone is experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath), we ask that they stay home

Click the link for more info on Covid 19:  Click here for CDC info

*No filming/recording allowed on cell phone or any other device(privacy of other participants)


Please arrive 15 min early.

Davies Facility: 548 S Coy St – KC, KS 66105
New Century FH: 551 New Century Pkwy – New Century, KS(66031)(Near Gardner, KS

Date/Day Age Group Time Location Fee:
Open Gym

July 1 (Wed)

14, 15, 17 7-8pm Davies Facility $10
Alternate Tryout date

July 11 (Sat)

13, 14, 15 8-9pm Davies Facility $10
Main tryout

July 12 (Sun)

13, 14 6-7pm Davies Facility $10
Main tryout

July 12 (Sun)

15, 17 7:30-8:30p Davies Facility $10
 Alternate tryout date

July 13 (Mon)

13, 14, 15, 17 7-8pm Davies Facility $10
  • Coaching Staff: We have a great group of coaches who have coached at the College or High School level/and or have coached various levels of USA Volleyball.  Some of our staff have volunteered in the JO County CYO , Lutheran Leagues and MO Parochial Leagues. Most of our staff has also played at the High School/and or College level.
  • Team information:  Click the “TEAMS” button at the top of the page.  You will see: # of practices, club fees, tournament information and what is included.
  • Practice locations: New Century, Inside 68 Sports, Davies Facility-KCK and other North and South Johnson County locations.
  • #  of practices: At least 1-3x per week – the older age groups sometimes 3x
  • Travel: Younger age teams little to no traveling – the older age groups require some traveling.  Once the team is formed, teams can opt to do more traveling.